Are you ready to learn guitar or an early plucked instrument?

Brandon has four educational options for prospective guitarists/lutenists around the world:

#1 Learn guitar from the comfort of your home with Brandon’s beginner online classical guitar course. is a six-hour course that takes you from knowing nothing all the way to playing your first pieces, reading music, knowing music theory, and playing a simulated theory with Brandon at the end.

#2 Take weekly lessons at Brandon’s online music school for “All Things That Go Pluck!” Brandon and his wife Meriem started this school in response to the pandemic. They have hired many expert teachers from around the world who offer weekly Zoom lessons. The school has taught thousands of lessons, hosted two virtual recitals and raised over $2,000 for children’s music charities.

#3 Watch pre-recorded Masterclasses and Workshops led by Brandon and his guest artists! There is now a library of over 30 hours of educational content here that ranges from Beginner to Advanced topics.

#4 If you cannot afford any of the above options, Brandon has nearly fours hours of free educational advice on his YouTube channel.