Brandon’s second passion is sound recording.  He founded his own recording company/label “JESTER RECORDINGS” and has recorded/produced over 4 full length CDs ranging in style from Rock to Folk and Classical.  His other services include recording recitals, providing sound reinforcement at concerts, and preparing music videos.

CD Coverfragileutopiafragileutopia2FAVORITES-CD cover3


(PICTURED ABOVE- Four CDs he recorded/co-recorded, produced as well as played on)


In one of the most unique collaborations of my career so far, I am now working with the “Float” company called Oto Float in Wilmette, IL.   I am composing audio for their floatation tanks and acting as their audio engineer.  I’d greatly encourage you to investigate their website and what floating is all about.


Below are some photos of my professional equipment and some pictures of recording sessions.



recording7recording 4